Changing the political system

The democracy experiment was not about to change policy but to change the political system. In Sweden we usually do not distinguish between politics and the political system, but they are two completely different things. Politics is about to say and do things in the framework of democracy, and the political system is about the forms of this system, how to organize the power of society.

The idea was to inject direct democracy as a supplement to the local government. The ability to have a voice without having to submit to a party bound by ideology seemed appealing to the students. They wished that it was possible to consider the practical issues without having to join a political organization that has already a fixed agenda.


What they needed was something other than a new party, rather a platform for decision-making online. A Demoex. We choose the name to emphasize that it was the issue of an experimental activity. Demoex was an abbreviation for democracy experiment.

I was on paternity leave for six months and then took the opportunity to test the ground. We had to create a platform on the internet that could organize a vote. I knew nothing about programming. Some of the students were certainly much more competent than I, but it only meant that they distracted the immense amount of work required to build such a platform. We started looking around online to see what we could find.

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