Arguments for the target groups

But how do you advertise a party that has no policies? A normal party has a package of solutions that they advertise in the election campaign. Direct democracy presupposes a degree of uncertainty. We would certainly be asked what we think of various issues, if we are a left-wing or right-wing party, etc. How would we respond then? What would we say? “Let´s vote first, and then we´ll know?”

Demoex had no policy to advertise. Instead we wanted to change the shape of democracy towards greater openness, accessibility, choice and empowerment. How could we reach the possible target groups? We met and created different arguments that we could use in the election campaign.

Do you trust in yourself?

Then why would you put your right to have a voice in someone else’s hands? Why would you deprive yourself? Demoex gives you the chance to vote in favor of direct democracy. If we come in, you can have a voice in politics itself. Your voice will be just as worthy as mine.

Are your kids more important to you than local politics?

Demoex frees your time. Finally you can have a voice in the society, without neglecting your children. No long boring meetings – just influence.


Don’t you have time?

We make it easier for you. You might be politically active at odd times, regardless of when the physical meeting takes place. Internet is open 24 hours a day. It won’t take more than ten minutes a month to cast your votes.

Do you want to affect other people?

Welcome to debate the substantive issues on the net, but be ready to meet resistance!

Are you shy and quiet?

Finally a forum for you! Here, you will not need a loud voice to influence and decide. When the debates are becoming written, even the silent voices will be heard, and your vote is worth just as much as everyone elses.


Are you under 18 years old?

We lower the voting age. You just need to be sixteen years old to take part and vote in Demoex.

Are you retired?

With computer help, you can take part in politics far up in age. It does not matter if you start getting tired in your feet, as long as you have access to a computer and a clear head.

Do you think politics is corrupt?

Then you should try our open system and see if you manage to corrupt anyone! Open debate and anonymous voting makes it very difficult to manipulate and guide policy decisions.


Are you not interested in politics at all?

Well, but you might be interested in the issues relating to yourself and your loved ones? If Demoex takes a seat so you can join and vote only in the issues that concern you. You can skip the rest.

Are you more interested in global issues than the local policy?

Keep in mind that our local society is a part of the global world. We have environmental degradation, migration and the selling off of public housing also in the municipality. You have the greatest ability to influence at home. Think locally and act globally!


Are you LAZY?

Congratulations! With Demoex you can continue to stay at home on the couch and still have a voice in politics when it moves into the network, provided you have a laptop.

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