A new language-game in politics

Direct democracy via internet makes it possible for ordinary people to take part in politics without wasting a lot of time, without any special knowledge.

Soon we realized that one of the biggest challenges was the political language. Political records are sometimes very hard to understand. We could not change the culture of formal language, so we decided to “translate” the most important parts of the formal documents into ordinary language.


We needed to develop a new language-game – to speak with Ludwig Wittgenstein. Something between a chat and a parliament debate. To get people to write legibly, we organized a school of debate on the site. We said that if you want to convince others you have to write so they can understand and gave some advice:

  • Avoid repeating arguments
  • Start with the main idea
  • Be clear
  • Use simple words
  • Be brief
  • Use proper headings

Rules might be boring, but they are necessary. Participatory democracy cannot be anarchistic. The rules give a structure that is necessary for political freedom. We also made a more conventional list of rules for the debate.


  • Posts that violates the Swedish law
  • Lies or slander
  • Threats or harassment
  • Profanity or obscenities
  • Nonsense Messages, or posts that deviate significantly from the subject
  • Personal attacks or defamatory messages
  • Commercial messages
  • Incitement to crime
  • Unauthorized publication of copyrighted material
  • Links to sites with this content

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