The Constitution of Demoex

The base of an organization is the constitution, a text pointing out the basic ideas, setting the rules and limits. One interesting and important part of the constitution is about objects, purposes and activities. Most of the political parties have a statute that says that their aim is to win influence and recruit members. Demoex lacks this kind of purpose. Instead the main paragraph of Demoex is:

We want to give every citizen the right to represent himself in any political point of issue.

The purpose is:

  • To increase people’s personal influence over political decisions.
  • To promote greater interest in local politics
  • To awaken and strengthen public opinion on this interest by politicians, government agencies, schools, businesses and others.

These are all non-partisan ideas, there is nothing about what to think. The Demoex Constitution also consist of standard paragraphs, ruled by the Swedish law of organization. They are about the annual meeting, the routines and so on. One interesting thing – to start an organization the law forces you to build in a hierarchy with a top-level (president), a second level (board) and at least one sublevel. We made the  hierarchy as weak and small as possibly in order to avoid the iron law of oligarchy.

The failure of Demoex depends on the constitution. A bad constitution stand on unsustainable premises. People are selfish in common. Local democratic influence doesn’t seem to have enough appeal. What’s in it for me?

Demoex doesn’t ask anyone to adopt a specific policy, we ask people to think and vote for themselves. Our aim is not only to extend people’s rights, but to make better decisions. Collective decision-making presupposes plurality and divergence. A group of like-minded persons, fighting against opponents with different ideas, does not increase the collective intelligence.

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