A cheap brochure and a bike

To reach out with information that Demoex exists we used the old printing technology and made a cheap A4 brochure entitled “Demoex set up in the local elections.”

We explained that Demoex is a forum for direct democracy on the Internet where you can debate and vote on City Council issues. The core of Demoex is a website where you can vote, propose motions and to argue for or against various proposals.

The difference between ordinary parties and Demoex is that there is no party line. We represent members’ votes statistically. If the association has five seats and 60% voting in favor of a proposal, it will be three seats for the proposal.

We also wrote that many are skeptical of new ideas, but that Demoex is not really a new idea. It injects direct democracy to our current political system. The Athenian Assembly began with direct democracy 2400 years ago.

Representative democracy became a practical solution where long distances made it hard for people to meet. Now the distances have shrunk again thanks to the Internet, so direct democracy is again possible, we wrote.


My good friend Einar worked temporarily as a bicycle mail carrier. He rode around and put the brochure in 5000 local mailboxes. He did the greatest job and Demoex cannot thank him enough!

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