How Demoex took the seat

In the middle of the summer 2002 we met at my house to plan the election campaign. I had arranged black t-shirts with our modernist red-black-white logo printed on the chest. We put the t-shirts on and felt the radical potential.

The wish to change the political system gave us energy to do a lot of voluntary work. It wouldn’t be easy to get people to vote for a party without promises, but on the other hand Vallentuna was not so great. To convince two hundred people might be enough. We decided to borrow a camping car and travel around with a mobile campaign.


Two days after our meeting the largest morning newspaper in the country Dagens Nyheter, had an article on Demoex at the editorial page. The article obtained us as radical visionaries, but it also showed that we did not want to make a revolution, but only had a very great faith in democracy.

We felt like a bunch of hippies. The last weekend before the election day, we went around with the camping car, singing songs and handing out leaflets. We wrapped the van in a large black velvet cloth and attached a homemade sign at one side with tape and safety pins only. Traffic Safety Administration would have disapproved the decor. On a straight road the sign flew off, but fortunately the motorcyclist after us swerved and thus avoided a disaster.


After handing out the last flyers on the election day we met up in Vallentuna Theater. We followed the counting of votes on TV, and sent a courier in a regular interval for the Municipal Hall across the square to check out the latest result. After a couple of constituencies it looked nice, but when ten out of twelve were counted, we did not seem to get into. At last the tension became unbearable and we all ran over to the Municipal Hall.

The local newspaper reporter stood with a camera around his neck. He said that we needed ninety more votes to enter. At the very same moment the municipal secretary came out with the result from the last ward. Bad news. We got unexpectedly few votes from the largest district. The journalist said blankly “Then you did not enter”. After ten shocking seconds my cell phone rang. The national newspaper wanted a quick comment, they had read on the Internet that Demoex took a seat.


I do not remember what I said, I almost start to boil from inside when I recall the feeling. We ran out of the square, screaming like savages. The reporters picture of us ended up at the front of the local newspaper. I am the second person from right. My beloved students look happy and cheerful, but I seem gone completely.

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