A political smorgasbord

Vallentuna have a direct democratic element in politics since the 15:th of September 2002. Demoex took a seat with the concept direct democracy inside a representative democracy – a radical experiment in the organizational sense. In fact, it is a trying to create a new democratic model. We try to combine the best aspects of both direct and representative democracy. It allows people to choose which questions you want to consider, debate and vote on. Other issues are left with warm hand to experienced political representatives.

The policy is thus like a smorgasbord where the citizens have freedom of choice. They can pick and choose between the local issues. The purpose of Demoex is to increase interest in politics by making it easier and hence more enjoyable for people to take part.

It works in three simple steps:

  1. The participants get a reminder via email one week before each City Council, when the debate and voting starts on the internet.
  2. Any point of issue decided at the meeting have a debate where the participants can come up with arguments for or against. Each point of issue also has an anonymous poll that terminates the day of the City Council meeting.
  3. The representative from Demoex debates and votes in the City Council as the participants think.

One Response to “A political smorgasbord”

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