The Popularly Elected Assembly is Powerless

In 2002, Demoex took a seat in the City Council in Vallentuna. It is the only popularly elected assembly in the municipality. It is envisaged that all major decisions will be taken there. One thing we quickly discovered was that Carl Schmitt was right in The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy. The elected assembly is quite powerless. With a few exceptions the decisions are predetermined from the board.

Many Vikings lived in Vallentuna 1000 years ago. The City Council meeting outdoor on the picture is in an old Viking court named “Arkils Tingstad”. It may look idyllic, but it also veils that the City Council meeting is more of a ritual ceremony than a living parliament.

All issues are prepared by the Executive Council Board where only the leading politicians have a seat. They recommend the City Council to say Yes or No, and the representatives who dares to oppose them will not stay long in the party. The City Council is a  formality that the leading politicians want to finish as quickly as possible. They have already decided what to think. It is inconceivable for them to change their mind because of the debate in the City Council. They perceive debating as waste of time, and debaters who make longer speech are met by coughing and irritation because they prolong the meeting.

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