Close to a Crash

The first year with Demoex in the politics was not only a success. One thing made me extra worried. The company Vivarto that made our democracy forum had economical problems. The programmer wasn´t paid in time so he did no work and the system became unstable. Reliability fell and sometimes we couldn´t access the site. Some members couldn´t vote in a City Council meeting because of the problems, which was almost a disaster.


I felt a strong loyalty with Mikael Nordfors, the founder of Vivarto. He inspired us with a radically different way of thinking and sponsored us in the election campaign. Without Mikael Nordfors, no Demoex. But without a stable democracy forum, we could not work!

But there was an alternative. Another company, Membro, delivered the same services with another program. They offered us to tryout their democracy forum for a free evaluation. We used both the forums for three months to compare. Then we voted on which we would continue with and Membro won. Shortly afterwards the entire database in the old system crashed, so it felt like we made the right decision in the last minute.

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