A Civil Rights Movement

The ambition of Demoex was to complement representative democracy with an element of direct democracy. We wanted to examine whether it is possible to increase the degree of democracy. We felt that the technology has reached far beyond the political system. Using the Internet, we wanted to create a more open and caring local society. If this can be done peacefully in a secure Swedish municipal, there is still a hope we thought.

During the first term of office, we worked to find a suitable model for participatory democracy. Gradually we started to perceive Demoex as a civil rights movement. The main idea was to give every citizen extended suffrage – the right to represent himself on every single political issue.


In 1914 people demonstrated in Sweden for their right to exercise power and influence in society. Ninety years later, here we go again. On May 1, 2004 we organized a demonstration in Vallentuna for universal suffrage in point of issues. Our current voting rights includes all adult persons, but they are not entitled to vote on the issues they want. It is only at one time every four years. By universal suffrage of the issues we wanted to give people the opportunity to vote in any political issue that concern them. Inspired by the Direct Democracy Manifesto by the Israeli writer Aki Orr we made a big banner which read:


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    […] and use them to achieve different objectives. Ideas can create new particle accelerators or new civil rights movements. If we can improve the ability to find and distribute new good ideas, then we are safe. To think […]

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