Killing a Public Debate

Demoex replied in the local newspaper that we did not want to replace the representative democracy. On the contrary, we want to give politicians greater audience and democratic legitimacy. We told that our idea is an open political debate at the internet where the public can participate. The best politicians will then become highly respected by virtue of their expertise and convincing argumentation, we wrote.

It failed because of the existing Nash equilibrium mentioned earlier. The governing parties did not want to cooperate with us. Too bad, because we needed to involve politicians to carry out the experiment. Demoex is a virtual council meeting, waiting for debaters from all parties. The leading parties are keen to have an active dialogue with residents in the municipality – at least they say so. Demoex offer just that! We hoped that the important decisions would become better entrenched among the citizens thereby.


We wrote that a problem with representative democracy is that coalitions tend to eliminate the principle of majority by iterated voting. When a coalition have 60 percent of the mandates, and 60 percent of the coalition stands behind a decision, only a minority – 36 percent – actually supports it. When the liberal-conservative coalition in Vallentuna negotiates it often leads to a minority decision. Leading politicians “bouncing ideas” is not so innocent as it may sound.

Following our response they remained silent. The leading politicians probably realized that they had nothing to gain from the debate, so they decided to quiet down Demoex instead. They held that democracy works well in Vallentuna. We thought it could work better and we wanted to continue the debate, but they did not answer. We asked why? They did not answer. We were unable to debate alone, so the vital discussion about democracy just died out.


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