Democracy make no demands. You don’t even need to vote to benefit from it. Why be politically active when you can let others do the work and still gain from the benefits? The elected officials handle the assignment for a little payment. This is how every company works, but there is a big difference: We can choose to stay outside the stock-market, but not outside the society.


We are involved in the society, whether we like it or not. Political decisions do affect us. Some decisions are so vital to us that we should be entitled to influence their outcome.

Most of us are interested in a few things. If direct democracy is balancing on the scale between the political blocs, we will take part only in issues that we care about. Because we have different interests, the “laziness” will strengthen the minority groups. The involvement and political awareness will eventually increase, but we will still choose between the issues from the political smorgasbord. This will lead to a decentralization of political power.

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