“We are debating Internal”

For us, the free debate has come to replace the nailed thesis, said the former leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party Olof Palme (1927-1986). He meant that our opinions are preliminary and we must constantly question our own and others’ positions, think independently and deepen our knowledge. It is easy to agree. Without free debate, the information society would hardly exist. For a debate to be called free some fundamental rules are necessary –  such as openness, freedom of opinion and freedom of expression. A free debate calls for independent media.

I asked Palme’s party brother in Vallentuna Hans Strandin why he did not want to participate in the public debates that Demoex arrange?

We are debating internal in the party, he replied.

Internal debates favor the dominant persons only. Internal debates are not free in the sense Olof Palme was arguing for. They tend to produce polarization or groupthink, which means a loss of relevant information. A balanced debate requires different points of view. Openness and public lighting is necessary to make sure that the arguments are properly illuminated.

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