New Marketing Ideas

After the first four years, we felt pretty disappointed, so we voted in 2006 on whether Demoex should run for the next election. It was not obvious at all. The young students who started the movement had left the municipality for work or study in other places. The rest of us were now rather middle-aged. We voted anyway for to candidate.

We met and had a brainstorming. This innovative idea must be marketed in a new way, different from other parties. We thought the competitive political system was tragicomic, and we wanted to illustrate it by implementing a tragicomic campaign, something like a circus. Instead of public meetings, we decided to perform street theater on the square in Vallentuna.


We bought a penny farthing to visualize how Demoex would like to change the political system. Big wheel would symbolize representative democracy with four years between elections and the little back wheel is Demoex – the complement that makes it possible to vote more often and steer the bike/society for common people.

We also used the penny-farthing as a metaphor for another reason: We felt a spiritual kinship with the first riders who tested the new vehicle. They were sure a little weird, but unless these pioneers had taken some hard knocks and made their perilous first trips, the modern bicycle might never be developed.

Twenty-five years later the bike trail made both wheels equal in size. Another ten years later the journeys went more comfortable with a spring-loaded saddle and air in the tires. With the same speed of development, the Demoex model of democracy will become user-friendly in the year 2037. It’s too late. We have to change the model and speed up the process.

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