Democracy Tourism

Vallentuna is not a great tourist destination, but suddenly I stood at the train station and received a democracy tourist! Erdem Ovacik is from Turkey, he is deeply engaged in rational decision-making, and he came to learn more about Demoex, our democracy experiment.


After a day in Vallentuna he had done the analysis: You have great potential, if you will only get a thousand participants you will automatically be taken seriously in politics. He made an inspiring blog post about it.

An interesting way to increase participation as Erdem suggested is to use an information market. It would be no problem for us to reward those who are active by allowing them access to the premium lot. Prices need not be so large, it is enough that it pays to be active. After the elections of 19 September, it is time to change rules and start to get more users – provided that Demoex still remains in the local parliament.

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