Why a failure?

Archives seigneuriales, 1507, Archives de l'Etat de Neuchâtel verso de la bulle (AS-B6.16)

When I started blogging, I was very pessimistic about Demoex’s chances to go forward in the election on 19 September 2010, so I named the blog “a failure“.  The unexpected interest and support from the world outside Vallentuna has successively increased, so now I hope that we were just a little early on stage. Electronic direct democracy might end up as a success.

One Response to “Why a failure?”

  1. Paul Nollen Says:

    Hello Per,

    Your blog about the “failure” was very inspiring.
    It made us think about how to improve our survival chances in a very hostile environment if we ever got so far as you already are.
    To be specific, if we have an elected representative, what can we really deliver to the people who voted for us or have an interest in our achievements. Cooperation with existing political parties is out of the question, silence is imposed and there is no information previous to decisions already made.
    The solution so far is a to cooperate with every citizens initiative when and wherever it may be (in the country 😉 and deliver a continuous education, information and support, every day of the year.
    We took an example in the “omnibus for Direct Democracy” in Germany and one of us had the opportunity to travel with them for several weeks.

    Click to access 4_Seiter_2008_engl_web.pdf

    Kind Regards


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