Mamallapuram, Indian Dance Festival, Bharatanatyam dancer (9902735325)

For a democratic system – let us call it a Daemon – as for an economic system, growth is desirable. Democratic growth makes the Daemon happy; a state of Eudaimonia.

A democratic Daemon grows if we increase the degree of democracy. It can be done in two ways: Either by increasing the number of voters or the number of ballots every voter cast. Accordingly, a Daemon suffers if one of the two parameters decreases. That’s the reason why I don’t want to restrict immigration.

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights from 1948, written with World War II disaster fresh in memory, is the best attempt so far to create good preconditions for the global Daemon to become Eudaimonia. Unfortunately, the UN declaration is not anchored in a global referendum. In the last 60 years, we have made no progress because the UN has not evolved as a democratic institution. An International Referendum to start with would be to vote on the Human Rights Declaration of 1948.

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