Demand independent media in Libya

Mandelbrot color zoom

War goes on in Libya – we assume. Gadaffi’s regime has opposed the independent press in an attempt to stop information from leaking out. If Gadaffi’s oppressive tactic succeeds, the free world loses influence.

The camera has become the new world’s weapon. A camera is a tool for peace, democracy, and justice. It does not kill, but it can look closer and closer and eventually reveal the killers. In the transition to a more democratic and peaceful society, the camera plays a key role.

The UN should demand to send independent observers to document Libya. The UN should also make very clear to the combatants that they will not be protected by the laws of war. All crimes committed in the civil war should be punished.

If only one of the warring parties refuses to let independent observers make the war documentation, so the international community must not hesitate to help the other side – mainly by using satellites and Global Hawks to document the crime against humanity. Documentation is a virtue in itself. Documentation helps the innocent part, but those who are guilty have everything to lose.

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