A Book is Awaiting


The story of how demoex was born will become an e-book in English and print-on-demand around the turn 2011/2012. The title will be “The Little Horse from Athens”.

The democracy experiment started in the year 2000 and demoex became a political party with mandatory power in 2002. Since then we have been trying to have the political parties in Vallentuna cooperate, which seems to be their last will.

Half of the book’s proceeds will fund the development of an international tool for web-based direct democracy. We will try to create a democratic counterpart to Wikipedia, a site that can be used for free in all nations by all languages in order to debate and vote on political issues.

3 Responses to “A Book is Awaiting”

  1. João Pedro Torres Says:

    The accomplishment of this Demo-Wiki platform probably is the most important cause a democrat can pursue right now! I wish I could help! How can I get more information?

    • pernor Says:

      Hi João Pedro, Thank you for this comment.
      I hope “The little Horse…” will serve as a manual for digital direct democratic grassroots movements worldwide.

  2. João Pedro Torres Says:

    I’ll look forward to it. Please let me know when it becomes available!

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