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The weakness of Tit-for-Tat

November 19, 2012


“Tit-for-tat” is the moral principle that tells you to respond to your partner’s action in the same way. It often leads to trust and cooperation between two partners, but there is also a devastating weakness: A conflict is very difficult to abort and the more a part hurts the other, the more it hurts itself. Israel and Gaza suffer from this Tit-for-tat weakness and we feel very sorry for them. Tit-for-tat is a standard moral principle in business, but in politics, it can lead to war.

The conflict calls for a shift into another moral principle, “The Golden Rule”. Israel’s Iron Dome is a promising approach in this direction. If Israel can defend itself against terrorists without killing people in Gaza they own the deepest respect. If Hamas also will start to practice “The Golden Rule” the conflict can eventually fade away.

The little horse is released

November 12, 2012


The little horse from Athens – the story of Demoex – is released. Hopefully this book can inspire the democratic movements around the world. Click to buy The little horse from Athens.

Towards a Global Democracy

November 11, 2012


Great news to help spread the idea of a global referendum! Jim Starks book that describes how such a referendum can be made is now available as a free digital download.

To get your free digital download of Rescue Plan for Planet Earth –
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Vote World Parliament thanks everyone for spreading the word about the free “Rescue Plan for Planet Earth”.