The little horse is released


The little horse from Athens – the story of Demoex – is released. Hopefully this book can inspire the democratic movements around the world. Click to buy The little horse from Athens.

4 Responses to “The little horse is released”

  1. Daniel Says:

    To buy? It doesn’t look like you are serious about expanding your ideas

  2. Hugo Says:

    I’ve bought it for 3$ at Amazon ffs… It’s not like its going to make you starve for not having a beer.

    Pernor what can I do if I want to expand DEMOEX genes in to Portugal?. A platform of some sort to share for use of the people?

    Is it possible to share a training or help us out with your experience?


    • pernor Says:

      Thank you for the beer Hugo;)
      I wrote the book to inspire you! Since the presuppositions differ in different countries I cannot tell exactly how you should do. My tip is to collect a group of enthusiasts and start by discussing how you can implement DEMOEX in Portugal. Why not contact Demoex Brazil and see if they have found a democracy platform in portugese that you can use?

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