Flee, fight or stand still?


Fight, flee or stand still – how do you respond to an attack? Different systems have different self-defense, some fleeing while others defend themselves aggressively. This applies to biological and artificial systems, such as animals and power structures.

If an unpopular leadership is challenged by the people they can drive it away, but the victory is only temporary. The hierarchy will try to return. If the old leader disappears, others will fight to become the new leader and keep their privileges.

At a peaceful transition to democracy, one can expect new wannabee leaders to queue up to take over. The democratic challenge is to not let them do it but to stand peacefully as one person and change the whole system, although it may hurt and take some time.

It is not about choosing another leader, but replacing an old hierarchy system with a new “flat” system where all have the same voting rights – not only at the General Election Days but also in between. To fight for a democratic change.

The new founding principle can be inspired by Aki Orr’s Direct Democracy Manifesto: EVERY CITIZEN – ONE VOTE – ON EVERY POLITICAL DECISION. Orr´s system is fair and sound in theory. The problem is practical: a heavy burden to engage in all and every way.

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