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March 13, 2022
Russian revolution painting

I want to see a political system revolution. The political system is fundamentally misconstructed. Democracy arose to help us make rational decisions that affect many people. It is difficult because all people, no matter how intelligent and wise we are, sooner or later take bad decisions. About every tenth decision is wrong, it is almost a law of nature. Privately, we can only hope that it is not the most important decision that goes wrong.

A decision-game…

In a collective society, the consequences of bad mistakes can be catastrophic for an entire population. We can not afford to make bad collective decisions. That is why we have democracy. If many well-informed persons – who nonetheless are wrong from time to time – use the majority rule to make decisions together, they will still get it right every time. The USP of democracy is thus to make rational decisions and avoid disasters. Democracy is a decision-game.

…and a power-game

When democracy was introduced in the European kingdoms, it took over a hierarchical system based on power-game. The nation-states were formed by wars and conquests where the winner took it all and shared it with his allies. War is based on the ultimate means of violence. Power-game is devastating for both people and the economy, but war is not about making good decisions. Power-game is about who is to decide. Democracy is about how we should decide. Representative democracy is a combination of these two games: both power-game and decision-game.

Putin’s bad decision…

Decision-game is based on cooperation while power-game is based on competition. Since the power-game remains in representative democracy, certain decisions will be made for strategic reasons. These decisions will be in the interests of those in power and not in the public interest. A good example of this is Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. Even if president Putin himself realizes that it was a bad decision, he can not rewind the tape. The die is rolled, the power is at stake. He must continue in order not to lose control, even if it ends with a catastrophe.

…makes the revolution possible

Russia has a proud revolutionary tradition. It will make it easier for them to make it happen again. A new Russian revolution should get rid of the representative democracy and remove the layer between the people and the power. There is a competent and intelligent data-driven upper middle class in Russia that has all the prerequisites to make a peaceful political system revolution. I would be glad to help them create the world’s first digital Peer Democracy, равная демократия.