Per Norbäck (1967) is a founder of the local Swedish internet party Demoex which won the first E2D mandatory in 2002. In 2014 Demoex made a fusion with Aktiv Demokrati and changed the name to Direktdemokraterna and became a National party.

Per Norbäck is also a teacher in the philosophy, the aestetics and mathematics. He was given the second prize in the Utopian World Championship 2004 . On the blog you can only see his eyes. He is not interested in personal honour or focus. Pay attention to the ideas instead.

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Ideogram Says:

    Maybe some of the material I made for a Dutch organisation could be of help for you too. It contains 5 graphical rich drawings that explain the basic idea behind Direct Democracy. It is a downloadable presentation and the text can easely be edited (ie: translated).

    • pernor Says:


      This graphical drawings looks great! If the text is a good as I think it is (as far as I understand dutch [?]) it woul’d be great to have it translated into english! Can you please do the translation?

      Friendly, Per

  2. Alexandre Says:



    I have just read all Demoex entries on your blog. Even though u may see your experience as a failure, for not having accomplished everything you dreamed, it was for sure a success for opening the path and unveilling the obstacles.

    I´m starting a process to create Demoex in Brazil and I´d like to have, if possible, access to the software u used to vote, as it would be easier than starting from scratch.

    Tks and congratulations once more!


  3. Renato Fabbri Says:

    We are willing to implement something like demoex here in Brazil. Could I get in contact with the web admins of demoex.net ? http://demoex.net/contact is not working.

    There are true possibilities that some politicians here will adopt this kind of system in some degree. We are in contact with them.

    Thanks in advance

    all the best and cheers!

  4. Tim Anderson Says:


    I just started reading up on your progress and am very impressed. We are working with nearly identical ideals and very similar ideas at Next Step Together and our techies need to talk with you and yours re software. We think maybe an app might take this thing viral.

    Also, what do you think of sociocracy? I suspect it’s essential. I don’t have time to get in deeper today, but would love to chat via skype or something and get you involved in the app and probably in the building of a sociocracratic political party. Seattle is an exciting place for such things to launch.

    • pernor Says:

      Hi Tim,
      Thank you for writing. Nice to hear from Next Step Together. I like everything in sociocracy except Kees Boeke’s hierachical organisation of circles. I would like to avoid Michels’ “Iron law of Hierarchy.” By using the Internet as a democratic Agora we are seldom more than two mouse-click from the power. Eventually representatives will become superfluous, I hope. Demoex uses us (I am one) as “adapters” to fit the representative democracy. I hope our techies can cooperate and develop an app. It would be a logical next step.


  5. Generational Justice (@4RGeneration) Says:

    Do you have screenshots of the actual interface?

    Parlez-vous francais?

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