Forced to Compete


Demoex didn’t work as intended because the other parties refused to coöperate. The political system forced us to compete. The only way to push the experiment through seems to be to win more influence.  Demoex was ahead from 1.7 to 2.9 percent in the 2006 election, but we took no new mandates. It felt a little like treading water for four more years. It is easy to lose the spark when other parties protect their own interests by blocking innovation. Well, we decided to make the best of the situation and focused on developing our own democratic system in the meantime. Anders Fajerson was commissioned to work out an open-source platform in Drupal. Anders was one of the fantastic students who started Demoex in 2002. He has moved from Vallentuna and become an adult but he is still going strong. He made excellent work with the democracy forum that we are using since 2008. Wow! It feels like a new start and it can really be needed.

Hierarchical structures in the political system will cause the world to approach a disaster. Politicians seem more intent on preserving their positions than pursuing a constructive policy. The fear of losing voters seems to be greater than the willingness to make reasonable decisions. The party system oppresses dissidents and forms artificial oppositions. It will probably have to change if we are to take the democratic decisions necessary to avoid a future catastrophe.

2 Responses to “Forced to Compete”

  1. Paul Nollen Says:

    Hello Per,

    Inspired by demoex we started a similar experiment. We hope to learn from your experience.
    Our website at is in construction and English only for the moment.
    Thanks for chairing all your experience.

    Paul Nollen

    • pernor Says:

      Wonderful news Paul!
      Your website looks great, I wish you the best luck.
      Since I started blogging I’ve learn to know about directdemocratic movements in an increasing number of countries.
      England, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Greece and now Belgium. You give me hope!


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